Sunday, 11 November 2012

Notes from the Interim Crit

Notes from Interim Crit:

The general reaction to the animatic was good, with viewers feeling an attachment to the plant, disappointment when it smashed, and happier when the ending became clearer.

The ending is not clear in the animatic or the previs and needed verbally explaining.

  Suggestions from Phil and Alan:

The beginning does not work, with the establishing shot being too short and not meaningful. Phil suggests beginning with the house surrounded by sunflowers, on a plot of land that gradually gets smaller as the buildings rise up. This would give a finishing shot looking down the buildings showing the flower-covered house plot.

Phil suggested looking at the artist Eric Carl for art direction.

Neither Phil nor Alan like the spinning plant sound effect. We debated this as well, so it can go! Phil and Alan felt the plant should not visibly or audibly smash, but just “disappear”.

Alan felt there was not enough evidence of concept work. I think this is partly because we use our facebook page to show each other work in progress, so we need to make a consolidation post of the fb work, and upload all our other work on to the group blog – I know we have storyboarding and other bits lurking in the dropbox.  

Where are we going now? Urgent jobs that I can see are:

 Rewriting the script to include the new beginning and ending, and adapting the storyboard accordingly
Getting the building concept art pinned down and built in Maya
As above for the Character concept – we need to decide on the final look
The house works well, but the fine details of the catapult need to be finished so it can be built. Blogging all our work so far so we have evidence of having done it!
Research into our art direction so all aspects of the animation are in the same style.

Please add/discuss!


  1. Sounds like a plan! er the start is going to be tricky as what we need to work out is how the buildings come about - e.g the pop out of the ground etc. ones we know that the storyboard and script will fall into place. I think this should be a key point for tomorrow as onece this is sorted we are good to go.

    I like the character personly so im not sure what you want to do with that ? I will happily start to moddle the character? I feel confident that i can moddle him etc but depends on what you lot want to do.

    The catapult, I have done a bit by bit concept of this already, just need feed back from you both as to what to do with it. The base is fine i think just needs details. or if you want to re do it then let me know, or unless one of you wants a try.

    The buildings i think are fine and should be started to be moddled asap. And same witht the house. It duse lack some details but they can be easily done.

    And Ill have a look at the arist and see whats what :)

  2. I have an interesting method of establishing the introduction, its just getting it out onto paper, and drawing up some basic sketches to explain then i can show you guys, the character is okay but maybe once we have our location established with the squarey and triangle buildings, we can smooth the character and make him really likeable in the sense of loving a flower and watching them blossom.