Sunday, 30 September 2012

Story ideas (part 1)

As a group we decided to all go away over the weekend and come up with some story ideas to help us come up with a half decent idea for a story. We are still going on and playing with the idea of over population. These go in order of my personal favourites so let us know what you think!

 1) Advert To The Moon

 Setting; Billboard on the moon

 A future type billboard (like a large TV) shows and promotes buying a house on the moon. As it tries to sell these houses on the moon at says that this is the new world, the future of man kind and carries on to make this out to be a little peace of heaven. It slants the world for being over populated and having no more room and this is the place to come to get away from the over crowded world. At the end the camera moves up to look over the billboard to see the moon is a tip, over crowded and sky high of sky scrapers which have smaller houses coming off of the sides. This is to show that the moon has also become over crowded.

 2) The World Of Tomorrow!

 Setting; TV

 TV program tells of the over populated world of tomorrow and the results on the world this would have, food, space, war etc. The program highlights what would happen with small clips like you find in documentaries. The program goes on to say how this is avoidable by not having children etc and that you should join the cause to make this world a better place.

 3) The Story Of The Stalk

 Setting; Sky

 A narrator tells the story of the stalk from the past to the present (future 2030-50). She speaks as if telling the story to a child like you would a bed time story. This tells the journey of the stalk in history to now while explaining/hinting at how over population has happened and its effect on the stalk. i.e. beginning it would take one baby now it takes 10 babies at a time etc. Film follows the story of the stalk.

 4) That Plant Plot In The Window-Sill

 Setting; London, Big Ben

Story tells of a Plant in a pot in one of the small houses attacked to the side of Big Ben. It tells the story of how it started off alone on the windowsill, standing tall and beautiful in the sun light. Then one day another plant is placed next to it stealing its sun light. One by one more plant are put on the windowsill stealing all the light from the first plant, which begins to die off.
A new house is made atop of the one it is in and is moved to a new windowsill above the one it is sat. It once again baths is the sun light bring it back to life. It ends with another plant being put next to it.

5) The Lone Child

Setting; New York

A child walks alone in the streets of New York city in tombed to the sky scrapers. The city is run down and abandoned of life. The camera follows the child's as he/she walks its dead streets. As the child looks at and walks by curtain things that show/hint at what has happened to the world and how over population has left this child all alone. Curtain sounds link to the objects as he/she walks past i.e. when the child walks past a toy shop, sounds of children can be heard.


  1. ok....

    1)Billboard on the moon - I like this, could be funny and done with warmth and a slightly downturned ending. Therefore wouldn't have the drama/comedy problem we have with "The Stork".

    2)World of tommorrow - sorry, don't like it, it's flat and boring. Theres loads of stuff like it already.

    3) The Stork - could do this but I prefer the comedy factor of our original stork. But yours could negate the drama/comedy problem. Will have a think.

    4) The plant pot - could do loads with this, could be comedy or drama, or even horror. Or something similar without a plant pot.
    Its easy to humanise a plant and create a bit of ana attachment for the viewer.

    5)New York - nooooo!....soooo depressing!

    I have to say, I like the first of your videos which claims there will not be a problem with overpopulation, I'm going to do some research into that.

    1. Haha i meant no 5 to be depressing but I understand its probberly not the best idea for what we want. I personly like the idea of the billboard, the plant it the town (loved your picture of the houses! could see it totaly working!) and the bug idea that you put up. I can just imagin it in my head and it puts a smile on my face :) so I am leaning to the idea of not having humans and having plants, bugs etc as its more warm and upbeat :)